Glow Babies last 10+ Years!!!

Glow Babies currently come in two sizes:

5/16″ x 1-5/8″ (use 3/8″ drill bit)
3/4″ x 2-1/16″ (use 7/8″ drill bit)

These require no electricity, wiring or maintenance!

Glow Babies  are NOT glow sticks!

They are made from rare-earth mineral crystals that are charged by the sun or any form of artificial light & then slowly release the energy as a glow (photoluminescent).

They will continously recharge and will last 10+ years!

They are NOT bright lights that light up the sky! They are a soft glow that lasts throughout the night.

They are best used in areas that become “pitch black.”


Interior/exterior areas.

Save electricity & turn your lights off! Let these lights lead the way.

Glow Babies were originally designed for pavers, brick & concrete applications. The intent was to line driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, etc. But do you know how easy it is to drill a hole? We are finding more & more uses every day!

Wooden decks, docks, marinas, hallways, concrete, natural stone, tile, to form address numbers, to form welcome/greeting messages, driveway art, hazardous areas, wooden stairways, brick steps, mailbox posts, tree trunks, landscape rocks/boulders, picnic tables, bathrooms, doors, boats, jogging paths, parks, bedroom furniture, pools, hot tubs, water features.


Glow Babies will arrive ready to install!

Tools needed: tape measure, chalk/pencil, drill, appropriate drill bit, adhesive, dust pan or broom.

Plan out your project prior to installation. They look best when there is equal distance between them and also when they are directly across from each other as opposed to staggered. Mark the intended spots with chalk or pencil so it is easy to change if necessary.

Use the appropriate sized and material drill bit (wood/masonry/etc.) and drill a hole entirely through the material or at least slightly deeper than the Glow Baby. Remove any dust or debris in and around the hole and although not required, place a small bead of adhesive on the side of the Glow Baby and insert into the hole in a twisting motion (like tightening a screw) to distribute the adhesive evenly. The lip of the unit will prevent it from going too far down in the hole. That’s it!