Conceiving the children…

Hello! My name is John Simme and I am the inventor of Glow Babies. My background is in paver installation (brick patios, driveways & sidewalks). I admit – I always thought it was the coolest thing to add lighting to a finished project. It turned an ordinary, boring job into something that gets talked about. The owners felt cool about getting the extra attention & they appreciated the uniqueness.

I have been using traditional lighting for years and…

“Did I bring enough wire?”
“Did I connect everything securely?”
“Aw, man! Where’d my wire cutters go?”
“Do I need to bump up to the next-sized transformer?”
“Oh well, guess it doesn’t matter cuz the bulbs just burned out!”

I was having such a hard time running wires and replacing bulbs that I figured I’d try solar & LED and…

“I just bought this! It stopped working already?”
“Replace what batteries?”
“If I stand on my head and hold this light just right will the panel actually catch the sunlight?”
“That bulb too?”
“Oh wait, it just doesn’t matter cuz the sun’s not out today!”

For unto you is born this day the babies

So, I started experimenting with glow in the dark powders and…

“No wires, transformers or electricity? NOPE, NOPE & NOPE!
“No bulbs, batteries or panels?” HECK to the NO!
“They charge even when it’s a crappy day?” YEP!
“AND… they last 10+ years?” OH YEAH!!

There is beauty in simplicity

Don’t get caught up in trying to figure things out. There’s nothing TO figure out! Glow Babies are literally meant to be simple!!
Each one comes ready to use: you don’t have to twist, bang, crack, flip over or pull them apart!
You can put them anywhere and they will glow when it gets dark!

I am HUGE on saving electricity by leaving the lights OFF! Well, my beautiful wife has an antique chest that she’s placed at the foot of our bed. When I go into the room at night time I have (more than once) banged my shins or stubbed my toe. I put a Glow Baby on the outter corners and it hasn’t happened since!

That might be the silliest use for using them so far, but they work!

Thanks for being here!